Nathan Castle

"I thought I was ready, clearly I am not. Oh god, I’m not ready."

The morgue was one room. You’re talking about an entire 70’s makeover. That is a massive undertaking.

We get to solve the greatest mystery of the disco era, besides the popularity of disco itself. It’s a win-win!




This is the audio of Nathan’s comment from his panel at Salt Lake City Comic Con regarding Castle vs. Firefly where he refers to Castle as “strawberry ice cream” while Firefly is “chocolate ice cream”. I had to upload it as a movie because the audio file was too long. You can listen to the whole audio file here.

And he’s completely 1000% correct. Castle fans have a sense of entitlement that inexplicably rivals any other fandom I’ve ever seen. It’s one thing to be protective of the show, but the investment personal lives of the actors, the relationship between the actors, then sudden lack of public interaction between the two leads you all claim to love.

You cannot realistically look at how things stand today, compare that to the inside raves and scoop from the crew and guest cast, and maintain that the actions of that intrusive and very nearly rabid section of fans haven’t served to jade the two leads. Fillion, Katic, and the rest aren’t obligated to love Castle like we do, they are obligated to go to work, do their job to the best of their ability and entertain us. Since we all watch the show, and love the show, since we all praise the work they are doing, it’s safe to say that they are doing their jobs and doing them well.

Nathan likes chocolate ice cream more than strawberry, so what. He’s still content with strawberry, enjoying eating it up and exploring what facets it has to offer. And when he’s no longer enjoying it? He’ll stop eating it. The best thing the fans can do is leave him alone about it, let him have his personal loves, not to mention his personal life, and let the show be the show, the characters be the characters, and the actors be the actors.

Put simply, that’s spoken like a man who is fed up with the bullshit and tired of putting up with it. And good for him, I’d have said something ages ago when all of this ridiculous crap started. 

I understand why Nathan will forever love Firefly more than Castle, the only issue that I have with it is that he constantly talks about how great Firefly is and treats Castle like the red headed step child (it’s a saying people, look it up). It’s just a little disappointing that he will never have the same respect for Castle that he does Firefly, but at the same time I think that is partially due to fans that obsess about the outside relationship of the two leads. It’s unfortunate what fans have done to this show, but it is also unfortunate that Nathan comes off as unappreciative since he only responds to Firefly posts instead of Castle posts. And this is just a general comment about me being disappointed about that facet in general.

Richard Castle in 6x20


Nathan makes a lovely Mountie eh?




play Scrabble

it’s funny cause the fandom just thinks and wants them to have sex and then there is Castle, the writer..who wants to play fucking Scrabble with his girlfriend

with that face? he’s thinking strip scrabble



i love how martha implies they were having sex, Castle answers that but Beckett changes the subject immediatly hahahahaha

They was totes making little Castle babies. This is my headcanon. My headcanon shall not be tamed.

this about sums it up

this about sums it up

Castle meme: Caskett + Undercover

What’s the matter, Castle? You afraid of a little role play?