Nathan Castle

#there’s a guy with very important information bleeding out like a foot away from him #and he can’t focus on anything but her #i mean she’s upright; she’s got her gun above her head. she’s fine. #but he can’t even muster up the presence of mind to even look at the GUY WHO IS DYING until he’s sure she’s okay #he can’t #doesn’t move to take cover #she pulls her jacket aside to make sure she’s not shot #and then later it doesn’t even register that he watched a man die #just that he almost watched her die #i’m just forever obsessed with the tunnel vision richard castle gets whenever kate beckett’s life is in danger #throws himself in front of bullets like it’s nbd


Never over this scene

LANIE: Bruise pattern indicates the assailant strangled him with both hands.
CASTLE: The bruising is a little lighter right there.
BECKETT: What would account for that?
LANIE: Dislocated or broken finger, maybe.


Castle “subtly” trying to keep Beckett as unclothed as possible (the phallic imagery of the tank cannon being just as “subtle”, of course)


I’m not even gonna lie, this had me in tears. 

Most heartbreaking moments in Castle —> 3x24 - “Knockout”

They weren’t even together and they already coordinated their clothes…


I love perlmutter!


“Well, can we just start here then? Can we say we will talk about meeting other people but we won’t actually date other people?”

“Yeah, I can do that.”

LOL “I just keep seeing her boobs in your face”


I have an R.H.D. in child care.


1x09 / 6x04

"Do I detect some actual concern for my well being?"

"Listen, I’m kind of looking forward to spend the rest of my life with you, so..don’t do anything stupid in there, ok?"